Thursday, July 23, 2015

Elie Saab Haute Couture.

Weds. 01/28/2015.

Elie Saab Haute Couture.

Thinking back to the Halcyon days in the 60's and of his Mother in his Homeland, Beirut, Lebanon, Elie Saab took a Nostalgic trip back to that (as he called it) "Golden Age" of when his Mater would get all adorned for Glittering, Glamourous evenings and when the Party Circuit was seemingly Non-Stop. Young Hollywood and the New York Social set could seem these days to be the Mirror of that time. Perhaps that is why Saab's show seemed so Facile and Vacuous.

As he and his Lebanese cohort. Zuhair Murad prove season to season, Yes there is a market for the Fluffy, Tediously overwrought parade of Inane and Unceasing Obvious Luxury that these two provide! They almost seem Telepathically linked for their shows are Practically Interchangeable. You could Plunk down any 15 outfits from Saab's Collection in the middle of Murad's and one would never know the difference. AT ALL! Vice Versa as well. It's not that their Shit Ain't Pretty... The fact is it's TOO FUCKING PRETTY! It's a Pretty OD! There's such an Eyesore Monotony to all the Beads and Trains and Sequins and Feathers and Antebellum Skirts... It's a flotilla of unfettered Intemperance!

If you want to judge the clothes... they are Horrendously Gorgeous... no one is remotely doubting that, some are tear-jerkingly Amazing. A Patissiere Creme and Gold Flower Beaded and Crystallized Gown Shagged over with Ostrich Fronds in Creme White at Exit No. 21 was Beguiling on a level of Mesmeric Proportion, and a Black Beaded and Sequined Appliqued Lace on Point d'Esprit surmounted onto Nude Tulle was a Surefire Winner at Exit No. 49. There were countless others... and that's where the problem lay... there was not one second of relief from the Parade of Candy Coated Confections poured down the runway. A Cashmere Coat. A Silk Shift... Something... SOME FUCKING THING to break the Redundancy! But No! And there seems like there is going to be any End of this Procession of the overwrought any time soon. And as much as Saab is raking in the dough from these pieces, He's doing himself the greatest disservice as a Designer. In this Mould, he'll Never, EVER, be taken Seriously... begging the Obvious Elephant in the room.... Does he want to be?

That's All.


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