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Sun. 09/28/2014.

Movement. Capaciousness. Skateboarders.... HOLD UP!? Um... Yeah. Interesting... Humberto Leon and Carol Lim. In perhaps one of the more successful of all the Kenzo offerings so far designed by the duo, Spring 2015 came across less Haute and more Urban than the duo has been somewhat more fond of creating in past collections. The Skateboarder culture of their Native California bought about a Play of Fullness in proportion that at times threatened (and sometimes did) to engulf the Models. This turned out to not actually be a Bad thing as it gave a Fresh and Lively Spirit and Individualistic approach to the looks sent forth.

Leon And Lim's Sportif, West Coast vibe permeated the collection from beginning to end. This was most in evidence by the duo's use of Denim in the earliest looks, like the Zip-front oversized Caban/Shirt paired with Pallazzo wide "Kenzo" printed pants and the Denim Short sleeve Long shirt at Exit No. 3. Even though all of the collection was imbued with plenty of fluidity, even with the more streamlined silhouettes, which were perhaps more desirable. The slim padded Mesh dresses with Flounced hems in Navy and Baby Pink were winners of the highest order as well as back on the more exaggerated side, A Remarkable Ink Blue short sleeve Kimono Coat paired with matching Wide leg pants was Chic personified!

This collection moved the Kenzo language closer to Lim And Leon's Opening Ceremony Language and more successfully than in the past, Integrated their California, Laid back cool sensibilities into the French Dialogue of the house. It was an Impressive outing for the designers, one that not only had it's fair share of Exciting clothes, but proposed a new Silhouette for the Fashion public at large to debate and discuss... any collection that can create that kind of Discourse is a winner.

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