Friday, July 17, 2015

Paul & Joe.

Tues. 09/30/2014.

If there was a Distinct Flavour of the Sexy, Touchable woman of the 70's Woman at Sophie Mechaly's Paul & Joe show, it was purely intentional. Mechaly was channeling that 70's Sex Kitten that was still Sensually Womanly, the whole Uptown Bohemian vibe that was equally and all at once, Charlie Girl and Charlie's Angel, cross-pollinated with Ali McGraw, Faye Dunaway, Diane Keaton, Diana Ross, Joni Mitchell and Jacqueline Bisset all rolled into one Fine Lady! Throw in a little Hip Earth Mother Carol Brady while you're at it!

This woman attires herself in Retro Jumpsuits and Jumpers and Loves a good Sock-It-To-Me Eye-popping print as well as Rich, Nature toned hues like Terracotta, Clay Orange, Caramel, Suntan, and brighter fare like Pumpkin Orange. She also favors Navy, Marine Blue, Amber, Black and White. It may sound like a lot but it truly wasn't. Mechaly get it just right and kept the edit slim enough so as not to go overboard.

From a Cool, Dunaway Sharp White Pantsuit, to A Charlie's Angels ready White Embroidered blouse with Sleek Clay Orange colour trousers... Mechaly hit all the buttons in the right combinations to make this collection Vibrate! Mechaly celebrated 20 years in the business this year, she doesn't show any strain or signs of slowing up with a Winner of a collection like this one!

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