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Sun. 09/28/2014.

At the outset, Clare Waight-Keller's 2015 Spring Chloe offering felt, rather worryingly enough, like we were about to trample down some already well trampled ground. It had that distinct Chloe... Perfume of the Gauzy, Blousy, Bohemian, Floaty, Hippy, Glastonbury, Sister Golden Hair Surprise, Spinning Beshawled Stevie Nicks archetype that inflects the language far too often of the Chloe collection. As it turned out... Trample, indeed we did. Waight-Keller offered little variation to her Formula of Breezy and Beachy and for that, her show had the distinct impression of Deja Vu. 

As the Axiom relates, "If it ain't Broke, don't fix it!" and as that applies to the Chloe tropes and codes, Waight-Keller did a Fantastic job of still making those by now, WELL Hoary Chestnuts glisten in the Golden Warmth of Summer Sunlight, Her Chloe woman was very much gliding by on billowing sheer layers of Youthful. Ophelia like sensuality but was contrasted by some more Urban dialects of the vocabulary. Some Smart, Chic 70's Tinged sportier pieces truly won out over the Boho Chiffon and Poufy Poet sleeves that abounded, Like a Killer Tweed Shorts suit that was Power Suit and Coquette all wrapped in one, or the Less Power Suit option of a White Guipure belted jacket and shorts that could cause a Grown Ass Woman to Swoon! 

On the Hippy end, There were some stunners, an atavistic Billowing Turmeric Crepon Silk Peasant blouse paired with Deep Curry coloured Short Shorts and a Talitha Getty Worthy A-Line Maxi dress in Chocolate on White Jacquard that should have ended the show, but strangely, Didn't! Another Dynamo was the Cinnamon Bohemian Crepon dress that gave one a Catch of breath for it Exalted the very principles of the Chloe template to the most Diabolically Gorgeous degree! 

Waight-Keller doesn't seem to feel like Unhitching herself from the post that's Firmly Staked Smack-Dab in the middle of her Comfort Zone, If she can still design some of the Masterfully stunning work that she continues to do so from that post, one would question, Why should she? I, on the other hand, feel her work is strongest when she rejects her well-oiled tendencies and explores new Horizons, yet incorporates the Chloe Signatures into them. That's her best Gamble and usually she wins the table when she does. She needs to do it with much more frequency!

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