Friday, July 31, 2015

Rebecca Minkoff.

Fri. 02/13/2015.

Patti Smith and the 70's... YAWN! I'm bored Already. If the Music scene of the 70's in all it's Drugged out Variety isn't the Hoariest of Chestnuts to take a cue from for a Fashion Collection, It's gotta be in the Top 3! And with designers like Anna Sui and Hedi Slimane, and others populating that Landscape already to capacity... Unless you're bringing something EPIC to the conversation, Might as well not butt in! For Fall 2015, Rebecca Minkoff accomplished no such feat! 

The Opposite effect was actually achieved... It was so familiar it bordered on Cliche. The Janis Joplin/Stevie Nicks Bohemian, Witchy Woman, Rocker vibe was Staid and Played out. The only good thing about Minkoff's collection is that Broken apart and styled differently, the clothes are actually quite Worthwhile. They can freshen up any existing wardrobe and take a plainer one and give it some Pizzazz! The Coat and Skirt combo of Exit No. 8 was in reality, Quite Enticing for it's connotations had nothing so much to do with the Theme of the day and just looked like Great Clothes! 

Minkoff might do herself more Justice by focusing on Modern ideas than something so retro, There are designers who fill that bill more than Adequately enough and unless she can Master that Dialect like some of the more Adept people, She needn't try speaking it. Outside of that Faux Pas, She'll keep her customer Happy, The clothes are Wonderfully easy to wear, it's just this collection was more of the "Song Remains The Same" 

That's All.


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