Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Saint Laurent.

Mon. 09/29/2014.

Pinstripes and Leather Hot Pants. Doesn't actually scream YSL, Does It? But in Hedi Slimane's hands It is as much YSL as anything Yves designed! Spring 2015 was once again a Perfect exemplification of Slimane harnessing the past glories of the Great Yves and Synthesizing them into something completely Moderne, even if that modernity is viewed through the prism of the Past. This time around it was The 70's by way of the Studio 54 set, an inspiration that Yves himself was there to witness and Document AND Dress.

Slimane only has pictures. archives and his own imagination to draw from, and that informs his Rock 'N' Roll Aesthetic being impressed upon the DNA of the house and creating wildly innovative, Yet strangely Familiar variations and contemporizations of the YSL legacy. Here, it was obvious in many ways, the Perfectly cut Mannish trousers, the multiple variants on the Black Dress, the De La Falaise Turbans, and by all accounts, it was very much more Grown-Up that previous outings, Not his usual Teenage Ingenue, this collection had a place in the lives of Adult Women with Adult Lives. Even with all the Micro hems, Slimane presented some beautifully Sophisticated and Chic propositions. Let's Explore, Shall we?

Binx Walton looked Strong and Sexy and Powerful in a Swarovski Crystal dotted Pussy-Bow Blouse and slender pencil skirt in Black Snake. Almost Demure, to be sure, but really, not so much! Whilst Alexandra Elizabeth looked Every Inch the WOMAN in a Pair of Black Micro Leather shorts, Black cropped "Le Smoking" and a completely sheer blouse that only a GROWN ASS WOMAN (or Pro Model) could pull off and make look as Erotic and Sexy as it was! Also in evidence, a Incomparably Chic Cocktail dress in Black Crepe with sheer long sleeves that were dusted in a Galaxy of Crystals... HEAVEN!

Slimane is somehow, working a strange Alchemy with the Saint Laurent codes and creating something that Never was YSL but looks like it has always BEEN YSL! It's Disconcerting in the utmost for the simple fact that if one imagines Yves was still with us and not stuck in his repetitive loop that defined his later years, and he was designing with a Younger Saint Laurent woman in mind... THIS IS WHAT IT WOULD LOOK LIKE! Slimane is frankly, A Genius! I am totally a Fan and Cheerleader and Spring 2015 gave me Plenty of reason to Cheer! Rah Rah, Siss Boom Bah!

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