Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Marissa Webb.

Thurs. 02/12/2015.

Obviously, Marissa Webb's woman is Urban, Street wise, A Little Tough and Loves a good Masculine piece of clothing. That was all evident in Webb's Fall 2015 collection. Webb said this was a "Spin-Off" of previous seasons and she's sticking to the Hard Edged DNA of the Brand. If it ain't Broke... You know the rest. This approach was perhaps for the best, As she has the responsibility of now Helming the Design crew of Banana Republic, Webb has a lot to take control of and her own label should not have to be something she's grasping for! In this case, It was the wisest move!

Webb shows she has a Deep Love of Black, White and Grey, Webb also gave us a few shots of Pink, Red and a Cool shade of Army Green for contrast. What Webb does best is great Tailoring and she showed her command of that milleu here, An Angled Black and Grey Herringbone Double-Breasted Blazer paired with a Fluid, Asymmetric Organza skirt was Soft and Hard in all the right places. As was a Black Blazer with White Trousers and a Lace Hem Dress. Chic and Femme with just the Right touch of Boyishness. Add to that a Stunning Ivory broken, enlarged Herringbone Pattern Coat with a Cozy Ivory Knit Roll neck sweater or the Pink "Pantsuit" with a Cropped Sleeveless Vest/Jacket and Wide Trousers with a paler Pink Blouse underneath, Never has Pink Looked so Tough!

The Best Section was the Most Reductive and Stripped Down. Near the end a Passage of Grey Flannel pieces That were shocking in their Utter Simplicity but Deadly Chic! A "T-Shirt" and T-Shirt Tunic Dress, both Sashed at the Waist and worn with Matching Trousers, The Look was Resolutely Modern, Precise and Clean and the way All Big City women should be DYING to Dress! Webb has a way with making clothes that Draw you in and Compel you to Stand Back. It's a Tricky Highwire act to maintain, But Webb seems to have the act Down Pat!

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