Saturday, July 18, 2015

Miu Miu.

Weds. 10/01/2014.

Miu Miu.

While it would seem while most editors were working themselves into an Onanistic lather over the Good/Bad, Slut/Ingenue Dichotomy of Miuccia Prada's Spring 2015 Miu Miu collection and Wallowing in the Perverse John Waters Good Taste/Tasteless undercurrent, they kind of forgot to look at the clothes, or at least look at them with any sense of Objectivity! If that had occurred, less words would have been used in the describing of this show... less words like... It was a Failure!

Prada indulged her own Subversive leanings and used John Waters King of the Tasteless as a Schtick and missed the point entirely. Where Waters is Sensationally Serious as a Shotgun to the Head about his Reveling in the Low Brow and Absence of Taste, Miuccia decided to try an Ape that Tacky, Wacky, Cheap, Unashamedly Sick and Twisted persona but apply it in her own, Humourless and Overly Intellectual way! Waters, as smart as he is, is equally as perverted as what he records, His glory is his intellect is not what drives him, but what he uses to fine tune the Madness.. Here Miuccia prettied up the Filth and in doing that lost the essence. Waters characters found their filth Beautiful, And if you didn't that's YOUR Fucking Problem, Not theirs. The people inhabiting Waters' world were Pleased as Punch to Revolt and Sicken, Prada by Opposing that with "Faux" Cheapness and Tackiness made a mockery of what she was trying to envisage... you can't bring Filthy to the fore in $1,000 a Yard Bucol Couture Silk.

So, in her "Interpretation" Prada just came off Lame. Another Intellectual trying to be Cool and Dangerous by running around the good part of Town with the Trash, But when it comes to actually getting Down and Dirty on the wrong side of the Tracks, You show how Chicken Shit you are, and turn Tail and run back to the Posh side for a Good hot shower to rid yourself of the filth! This played more like Peg Bundy... Someone who was Tacky with No Taste and thinking that the Shit she liked was GOOD TASTE! And the clothes looked like that, Like someone who has NO CLUE what real taste is, but is approximating it through their own Common and Crude Vocabulary. It's the laughable part of this... Tacky, Vulgar clothes in Expensive Fabrics don't make them Subversive... It just means you spent a lot of money to look like you found it at the Dollar Store!

That's All.


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