Monday, July 13, 2015

Giambattista Valli.

Mon. 09/29/2014.

The opening Shift dress at Giambattista Valli's Spring 2015 show served as something of the Perfect Extension from his Couture work into a Pret-a-Porter model. Valli began with his RTW being very Couture-Oriented and somehow, began to fall away from that in recent years as his Couture has Triumphed in Exquisite Excess, His Ready-To-Wear has served as somewhat a Counterpoint to all that Extravagance. In doing such, the RTW has suffered quite the indignity of not living up to the standards of what Valli is Capable of. 

That was not the case here today. This collection looked, for about 90% of it, like it was a Couture collection. It was that Scintillating and Exquisitely Detailed. Whatever may have been going on inspirationally about the Post-War Japanese Metabolist Art movement, or the triumph of Industrial Ideas... They mattered very little to the Theater of Beauty we were afforded the Privilege of taking part in. There was certainly SOMETHING Artisanal and Artistic afoot. From the Incredible textured Leaf shaped petals to the Swooping Eighth Note looking Black insets and more, Valli focused as much on the outer goings on as the inner. 

There was a Mod 60's Vein pulsing through the show as well, from the tons of Chunky fringe to the Thigh high flared hems and sleek A-line dresses, some even worn as tunics and shown with Slenderizing flared pants underneath. This served to give a Fresher, more youthful edge to all the Artistry seen in the clothes. From Intricately engineered prints to Extraordinarily Lavish and Elaborate surface Detailing and Embroidery, Valli made sure everything had that Hand-Crafted look even though they may have been Machine Made, It sure looked like it had been slavishly attended to by Human hands! 

Valli produced a Bumper Crop of Stunning pieces and Outfits this go-round, from a Super Haute Gown in Ivory Crepe with Swooshing insets of Black and Pink and some Chunky Crystal Embroidery that looked like it sauntered right out of Paris Couture week, to an AMAZINGLY Cut and Tailored Strawberry Ice Cream Pink Coat on Aya Jones that was giving pure Fashion Heart Attack! Or even more so, the Mini dress in Black with Billowing White sleeves On Maartje Verhoef that just Stole the Breath! 

From Elaborate and Quirky Fabric mixtures and Surface treatments, Embroidery on Damasks and Laces, Beading on top of patterns of different patterns, Valli showed a Confident and Steely hand that never once wavered. There was Iron-Clad Conviction in this Towering Spectacle of Exquisiteness. It was Valli at his Very Best! That's always a time for Superlatives!

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