Thursday, July 9, 2015

John Galliano.

Sun. 09/28/2014.

There wasn't much to report from Bill Gaytten's Spring 2015 Sojourn for the House of John Galliano. What was presented wasn't much of anything worth mentioning. A few nice Optic print coats and jackets that from afar looked like Plaid, and were exceedingly well cut and tailored, A sleeveless sheer White floor-length gown and.... well, that's about it. Elsewhere Gaytten showed clothes suited more for the 8-14 set. The clothes lacked Invention, Personality, Verve and cut out of some of the most BLAH and Shockingly tasteless colour combos, It all massed together to form one Leaden clump of dismal.

Gaytten has talent, he wouldn't have been working with Galliano had he not, and has shown the Spark of a Great designer in past collections, here was Gaytten at his least inspiring, Collections like this do not befit the name John Galliano... and what's just as bad, They don't befit the name Bill Gaytten Either! 

That's All.


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