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Thurs. 02/12/2015.


It has only been a Year since Stuart Vevers took over the task of Re-Branding the house of Coach after Reed Krakoff left (who himself succumb to the vagaries of fashion and shuttered his own Wonderfully Modern clothing line after only barely 5 years) Has taken to the task light Flowers to Sunshine. He has made the label in a Hot Second. Covetable and Hip, It's going to take slightly longer (If ever) to bring back the Cool factor of the Coach bag simply because of the Saturation factor that has settled into the Brand. If Everyone from the Mom's that shop at Old Navy to the Inner City Girls... There is no Cache.

But the clothes on the other hand, Might be the Trick in the Step to reviving the Hotness of a Coach Bag. So far, Vevers has been focusing on Deluxe Outerwear and some Sportswear pieces thrown in to round things out and lend variety, That formula has been effective so far and one can see Vevers getting a bit more juice from that Fruit before he needs to expand his language. Right now, as the case is, what he is doing is quite Attractive! The vibe for Fall 2015 was distinctly "Road Warrior" but in the Wilds of Montana, Colorado or Wyoming... A Woman who is trekking through Snowy Plains and Mountains, Nomad-like, Hitching or Riding the Rails... But in the Utmost of Luxury!

To break up the monotony, there were Artisanal chunky knit sweaters and Flannel Kilt/Skirt hybrids, but it was the coats doing the most convincing talking. A Ivory curly Lambswool Toggle coat was full of Whimsy, but for the past couple Brutal winters that have beset the world... also a Wise investment. The Shearling cropped Peacoat in a Mustard-y Squash shade was taking No Prisoners in the Desirable and Essential categories either. What was the most surprising were the Pair of Flannel and Scarf print Mixed-Media T-shirt dresses with a little flare in the Skirt and Inverted pleats in front. Both were Eye-Catching and Delightfully Chic and Crisp and Wholly Unexpected! They show the promise that Great Sportswear is something we may be able to expect more of in the future.

Vevers Trajectory so far has been Dead-On! He is Reviving the House by working outside of it's Expected Milleu and Inspiring desire by creating Wantable Clothes. The Buzz has been High and the Results have been Encouraging. The Hype is getting louder and louder with each new collection, And in this modern world where Hype can make you successful in the Eyes of the Social Media Scions, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat... Coach may be headed for a rather Lengthy Third Act!

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