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Sun. 09/28/2014.


The first Four exits at the Spring 2015 Akris Collection by Albert Kriemler were as Pure and Fresh as New Fallen Driven Snow from Mr. Kriemler's Homeland of St. Gallen, Switzerland and were inspired by the Russian Suprematist artist Kazimir Malevich. Malevich's Angular, Cubist inspired paintings became subtle monotone surface detail on the garments or stood out as the sole Decoration in the entire collection as applique on blouses or dresses or interpreted as interplay between Solid and Sheer on sensual, skin revealing gowns.

To get the subtlety point firmly hammered home, Kriemler stuck to the White of the opening and Black and then added Punchy colour such as Tangerine, Tomato, and Apricot along with Dusty, Earthy pastels which worked really well in a Group of Openwork Square mesh pieces near the end of the show. Throw in some Navy and Griege and the collection was a Study in Restrained colour. There happened to also be a noticeable absence of Kriemler's now Signature Photorealistic prints that are always surprising and delightful. That they did not appear, did nothing to Dull the Beauty and Invention of this Clever collection.

Kriemler has a Distinct Knack for making the Minimal and Simple look utterly Desirable. Here that was evidence by the Clean palette and Crisp cuts that were easier than usual per the Maison. Standouts were aplenty, A Dusty pastel Apricot Tunic and Pants ensemble floated by with Innate inner Grace while a T-Shirt and Cropped pants in the same shade, now worked out in the most Supple Suede had an Anonymous air, but an Obvious Luxe factor. Exit No. 7 stole the Show, A White Leather duster coat boned on the inside in a Super Saturated, Rich shade of Crayola Bittersweet Suede and paired with a Matching Blouse and Fluid Leather pants caused one's heart to skip a few beats for its Stupendous play of colour!

This turned out to be a Fine showing for Kriemler and was a Happy occasion to see him turn his back on what has become a Safe Zone for him with the Photo Prints and Wash the slate clean with this Artful, yet Decadent Collection. Simple is a key point that all too many designers forget to cultivate. Kriemler showerd with Uncanny Ease and Facility that a Whisper can be as Loud as a Shout sometimes when one is Whispering something Exceptional!

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