Monday, July 27, 2015

Richard Chai Love.

Thurs. 02/12/2015.

Richard Chai Love.

A Not-so-Subtle Streak of Androgyny was running through Richard Chai's Fall 2015 Collection. It manifested in the Styling where the Girls and Boys in the show, especially covered with all the the layers, looked suspiciously like one another and it was hard to exactly tell them apart, and aside from the layers, many of the pieces they wore skewed too oft on the Similar side. It was surely intentional and made Chai's collection all the more Compelling for it.

The story here was Coats and Coats-on-Coats layering. Both the Men and Women were swathed in Multiple toppers and most all of them were quite Definitely of a Fine standard. A Navy Blue Melton and Black Leather Peacoat is an especially fine specimen, as is a Copper Top coat near the end of the Show that was Quite Lovely. As for the complicated layers under the fine coats, they got to be a little forced and Arbitrary by the shows end. Not so much did they Detract, but they truly added nothing either, and this was the case for the Women and Men.

Chai delivered a Bumper Crop of Great outerwear and if one sifts through the Layers, they will find some treasures as well. The thing here was, Chai's Outerwear Output was so Convincing that he needed little else to make his statement. The Coats will keep his clients interested all winter long, and with the Sportswear, put together with the coats in less Magpie Configurations, Will yield Great Success!

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