Friday, July 31, 2015

Adam Selman.

Fri. 02/13/2015

Basic, Boring. Tacky. Cheap. Nutshell. Adam Selman's Unintentionally Trashy, Trashy collection for Fall 2015 came off as a Humourless and Style lacking failure of an approximation of the King of Trash, John Waters. Miuccia Prada did it at her Miu Miu collection for Spring and Selman took up the mantle for Fall of Waters movie "Female Trouble" as starting point and in both instances, the letdown was Immense in it's Breadth. 

Where as Prada's take was just Redundant and Garish, Selman's is just Cheesy. What was so plainly obvious, is that the clothes were Dismally Destitute of any Irony or Camp, They just looked like you could buy much of it at Forever 21 (and that's an insult to Forever 21, actually) or worse yet, K-Mart or Wal-Mart. They lacked any taste, even BAD taste, which might have actually sold the idea more. The crudeness and Grade School Simplicity of much of what trod down the runway just stole any kind of Joy from the garments (and the Models "Acting" as it was, made it even more Repellent) Most of it looked like it could have been whipped up in a remedial Home-Ec class or cobbled together from the leftovers of someone's 1980's Wardrobe found in a Dusty Basement somewhere along with a VHS Copy of "Hairspray"

Was there anything Redeemable and worth mentioning...??? 


That's All.


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