Monday, July 20, 2015

Alexis Mabille Haute Couture.

Mon. 01/26/2015.

If I could have Alexis Mabille's Ear for just 1 Minute, all I would repeat in it, Mantra-like, is... Simplify, Simplify, SIMPLIFY! It's a lesson he needs to learn with the Utmost Quickness. His Spring 2015 Couture collection could have been really something special... yet it devolved into an Overworked Mess that smacked of Zac Posen on Acid! It had that same Attention to Volume and Glamourous Indulgence, but Posen would have to be in a Malaria Fever dream to do something this Outrageous! 

More importantly... The clothes had a Weighty Gravitas to them that made them feel at times, Leaden, Dense, Inflexible. Mabille's Choice of Colours too Dragged the collection from Tacky, to Eyesore! The Greens and Purples and Reds were so Luridly Off-Putting as to make one wince! And Need we mention that Atrocious Rhapsody In Pink Jumpsuit? The less said, the better for all involved! 

Mabille as always, simply gets carried away by his own Exuberance. It precludes him from Exercising even a Modicum of Restraint and to his Detriment, hopelessly sinks his clothes under the weight of their own Exorbitance! Why the Swooping cape back of a Midnight Blue Sequined sleeveless Jacket and Skin-Tight Pants? Or the exposed Corset of a Entirely Whorish looking Front slit, Gunmetal Sequin strapless gown? WHY? So Confounding! On the flip side of the equation, when Mabille DID Simplify... Beauty! A Black lace Cocktail dress with a Skirt of Pink/White Ostrich fronds... or Ysaunny Brito in the Deliciously Tropical Hibiscus Pink gown... Heaven.

This was another one of Mabille Tragic Overstated affairs with some Daringly unsophisticated, Gauche pieces traipsing down his Runway. There is an Audience out there for this Kind of Sickly, Treacly, Showy Bombast type of Couture... There has to be, the man has been in business over a Decade, Someone out there is wearing it! But then again... You can't define taste with Money, so it augers that there are a few too many Gals out and about with Much more Money than Style! 

That's All.


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