Saturday, July 11, 2015

Stella McCartney.

Mon. 09/29/2014.

Oft times, it is the Simplest thing that can set ones Heart aloft. Concerning Stella McCartney's Deeply Mystifying and Disjointed Spring 2015 collection, those moments of simplicity were something to be treasured, because they were Exhaustingly few and far between. McCartney's Spring journey was filled with overly exaggerated volumes and Crumpled, Awkwardly disheveled looks that added up to one Bemusing mess! And it had started out with such Promise too!

The opening Exit of a Smart, Crisp, Razor Sharp White shirt and wide leg trouser was Incomparably Fabulous. As was the Fluid, But Crisp White uneven asymmetric hem Tank Dress on Binx Walton which gave of an Air of Insouciant Freedom and Liquidity! But aside from a Plaid Ensemble on Malaika Firth that was Also channeling that Free Spiritedness,.. The collection was Overdone in every way. Tricky Draping, Oversize Cutouts that looked Comic and not in a good way, Rumpled, Wrinkly Housfrau dressing...

McCartney hasn't given much in the way of Convincing clothes for the last couple seasons. It appears she is more indulging her whims than listening to her Keen Instincts. This collection was quite particularly Haphazard and Shambolic, (we won't even address those Finale Pieces in the Eye-Exploding florals!) Here's to hoping she can see her way out of Wonderland and climb out of the Rabbit Hole and back into Reality, Post Haste!

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