Saturday, July 18, 2015


Weds. 10/01/2014.


Quoth Boyz 2 Men... "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye" and with just 33 Exquisite exits, that's what we had to do to Christophe Lemaire at Hermes with his Farewell collection for Spring 2015. I watched with a Lump in my Throat as Lemaire treated us to a gentle Bercuese of a Swan Song rather than an Impassioned Aria! It looked like any other Masterful Hermes show with Lemaire at the Helm. No trace of Wistfulness, No Sadness, No Great Operatic Gestures... That's not how Christophe Rolls... and it was unwise to even expect something like that.

What it was, was a Luxuriant Treatise on the Subliminal Richness of Hermes and Lemaire's Marriage. Honestly, Let's be Totally upfront... Every piece here was So FUCKING Phenomenal that there is no use Waxing Orgasmic about any one piece. Each piece was enough to shake one to the core from the Perfectly Calibrated and Calculated Majesty imbued in EVERY SINGLE EXIT! Maybe one would have to say that the Mustard Cashmere Jacket that had the Scarf neck Close paired with White trousers was one of the most Inhumanly Lovely things I have ever seen in my 39 years. It would not be an exaggeration.

Lemaire leaves us Sad and Wracked with Sorrow at his Departure... We know from his own work at his Eponymous label that he will continue bringing the world Gifts of La Mode. It is that Hermes and He were such a Holy Conjoining that to see that torn asunder brings Real emotions to the Forefront. As it is, The Die Is Cast. We cannot live in the Yesterday, We must live in the Now... It's Just that the Now is a whole lot less Luminous than it was before that First of 33 Exits...

Au Revoir, Christophe! Bon Chance, Mon Ami!

That's All.


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