Monday, August 3, 2015

Adam Lippes.

Sat. 02/14/2015.

Adam Lippes is a Master of Sophisticated sportswear. He does it Spectacularly and he does it in every collection, That he decided to inject a little of the Bohemian into his Fall 2015 Presentation equaled out to being a Good thing for the Brand. Lippes had been experimenting with letting his hair down a little for Spring 2015, here he was shaking that loosened hair like a Breck Model! The Boho injection did not once ever, threaten to overtake the Quirky, Chic Sportif Citywear that defines Lippes and one is to be thankful for such!

The Photo Floral print was the biggest news and it Shined in all it's appearances, whether in a Rocker Sleek Pantsuit that will be Coveted far and wide, or as an Elegant evening option of a Tee and Full-Length skirt. Elsewhere, the City Chicness was abounding in the most Exquisite ways, an Ice Blue Parka and Wide Tweed pants were Indescribably Sensational, as was the PERFECT Combo of a Fur coat and Black trousers with a Black Tee underneath, One of the best outfits so far of the season! 

Lippes also showed his hand is Steady and Strong with Evening too, an Orchid Purple sheer Lace dress was given a Cement Grey underlining and the final look took that photo Floral print and translated it into Lavish beads and sequins on a sheer Black net Lace. Lippes needs to take the leap BACK onto the Runway and stop with these Static shows, His clothes are Directional and Exciting enough to warrant a full-blown show. I know he's taking it slowly as he is trying to steadily grow his business, but taking it to the Catwalk is a Sure way to get the message across to many more people in the world. I think that the time has come to take that Bold Step back into the Spotlight!

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