Monday, August 10, 2015


Sun. 02/15/2015.

Why Danielle Sherman Infuriatingly chose to show Repeat after Repeat of a Leather or Suede Color Block shift dress in her Fall 2015 Edun Show is Beyond my Capacity for Understanding! Worse more, She didn't stop there, she repeated damn near every outfit in just a Change of colour palette without one single Whit of difference in Fabrication or Cut. It made the show Pointless and Insipid! Whereas one pass down the runway of an outfit would have sufficed, we were treated to a Boring retread that droned on. 

Aside from a Turtleneck Dress in White with Black buttons at the Neck, A Sweeping Black Leather coat on Alexandra Elizabeth and a Quirky coat that was Glen Plaid on one side and Houndstooth on the other... The collection was a Patent Failure. There were assuredly nice pieces, but all that repetition blinded me to seeing anything other than the Stupefying Choice made by Sherman to again, Traipse multiples of the same outfit down her Runway. This trend needs to end, As of NOW! 

That's All.


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