Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Herve Leger By Max Azria.

Sat. 02/14/2015.

I Openly Invite Max and Lubov Azria to explore the Archives of their Label Herve Leger. Really, Honestly and Truly I do! Because if they did, they would find the way out of the Repetitive trap that this collection seems to trip them into from season to season. If they look back into the Archives, they would see what Herve LeRoux himself saw as his label began to Blossom... that he couldn't rely on the One-Trick Pony of reinventing the Bandage dress to sustain creativity at the Maison. From say, 1995 on til the cessation of his Label, LeRoux (Leger) began to incorporate Widely Varied pieces of clothing that moved Far, Far away from the Typical Bandage dresses that had made his name, From Exquisitely Tailored Suits and Dresses, to Super Glam Eveningwear that explored everything from Bugle beaded Chiffons to Elaborately draped Taffeta Skirts and Ballgowns... I implore the Azria's... DO Investigate!

Because as of now, Their Leger label feels like it's in need of a DNR form! The clothes that Max and Lubov are providing for the label and their clients are All Well and Good, but they have become Stale. Devoid of invention, even though they try to inject a A Sense of Invention into each new Iteration, it comes across as Ineffective and Stilted. Lubov was inspired by Antoni Gaudi's Exquisite "Sagarda Familia" Basilica in Spain. Now, that is an Absolute ORGY of Visual Stimulus and Sensory Gluttony, none of that came through in the Leger collection except in the most facile of ways. The Hallucinogenic Prints in Luridly Vivid colours had an LSD quality to them and actually were some of the best parts of the collection. 

Outside of that, Simply Business as usual, Save one Extraordinary Black Dress and Jacket near the end smothered in Gold Beads and Sequins. Again, Max and Lubov did not put on a Failure of a Collection, What they did concoct was one that brought nothing new the Storyline. The Azria Team need to do some Deep Spelunking into the Leger History books and come back with some new Ideas! As Leger (LeRoux) himself realized, Woman cannot live on Bandage Dresses alone, No matter how many ways you try to wrap them around her, A Bandage Dress is a Bandage Dress is a Bandage Dress! 

That's All.


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