Thursday, August 27, 2015


Fri. 02/20/2015.

Filippo Scuffi went back in time to the 60's to give his Exceptional Fall 2015 Collection a Modern Mod feeling and succeeded greatly with clothes that had that Dolly Bird air, crossbred with som Sgt. Pepper and a hint of Bond Girl! Scuffi kicked it in the Balls a little by adding Tough Leather Biker jackets to the already rich mix, but these tempered the more Edie Sedgwick elements and gave Balance to the whole. 

Scuffi also kept his Palette limited to a Incredibly pleasing Shade of Crimson, Black, Grey, Beige, Khaki and Oatmeal with a Fuzzy Rose floral print thrown in for good measure. In narrowing his Colour Scheme, Scuffi kept the attention firmly on the Details, like his Impeccable Cut and Drape. Scuffi also added Diamond Quilting on Leather to many outfits to add some Structure and keep things interesting and fresh and it worked without fail, every time it showed up, it took something that might have been too tame and made it a little Risque! At the least, it added an element of Difference to well worn Staples, like a Zip-front Black coat with Quilted Patch Pockets or a Photo-Perfect Swing dress with in a Blush shade of Nude with a Leather Sleeveless Bodice and Wool Skirt with an Invert pleat in front at Exit No. 23! 

With a High-Style mix of Fun, Forward pieces and some Spectacularly well made Stolid Classical items, Scuffi is pushing Daks to become the Next big Sleeping Giant House of Fashion in London to go Global and be a big time player in the High Stakes world of Brand dominance. He seems to have be on the right track, pushing further each season. All that is left is that one, Big, Risky payoff that will catapult the Daks Label, and Scuffi, to International Players in the Fashion Olympics!

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