Friday, August 21, 2015

J. Mendel.

Thurs. 02/19/2015.

Gilles Mendel presented a Notably Impressive showing for his J. Mendel label for Fall 2015. While it may not have had the biggest of WOW Factors going for it, it did have an Easy Opulence and Charismatic edge. Based on pictures in the 70's of Anjelica Huston by Richard Avedon and a Pre-occupation with Scarves that wound it's way through the collection decoratively and literally, Mendel's "Free Glamour" took the Nightlife of New York City as his inspirational Cue! 

This led to lots of Leg and Breast on display via Slits and Unrepentantly Sexy sheer blouses, gussied up with those Long, Fringed Scarves, it had that definite Faye Dunaway/Liza Minelli feeling coursing through it's veins. Mendel didn't skimp on what his women love most from his Fall/Winter collections either,.. FUR! There was an Abundance, both subtle and obvious! The best of the Bunch had to be the Barguzine Natural Sable coat on Amanda Wellsh worn very YSL, with a pair of Chic trousers and an Embroidered Sheer blouse with matching Scarf! A Short Lace Encrusted Broadtail Vest was working Wonders with a short Crepe skirt and Charmeuse long sleeve blouse (With Scarf, Of course!) 

The other thing Mendel's customer comes to him for, Evening! He did not disappoint on this front either. From the "Simple" Grandeur of a Red/Black Baroque print and Black Crepe front slit Gown with a Sweeping, Liquid skirt to the Exquisite Swirl Beaded Cloud Grey draped bodice Gown that ended the show, Mendel had the "Glamour" he spoke of Deftly in Hand! This was a Solid, Experienced and Desirable showing from Mendel, It's also kind of a Redeemer of a sort. The last few collections have been quite the disappointment and this one showed Mendel back in Strong Form and Winning Style! Let's Hope he can make it a Double come Spring! 

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