Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Weds. 02/18/2015.

Josep Font has, in some ways, Single-Handedly changed the New York Landscape of Fashion with his Pret-a-Couture wares for the House of Delpozo. With it's Artistic, Poetic, Romantic sensibilities and complete disregard for the American Idea of Fashion, Font's clothes have started a subtle Revolution of sorts, one that he is on the Front Lines of. Fall 2015, Curiously, Lacked the Essential Elements that has made Font's collections for the house such Standouts. The Major issue to be had... The Hideous Colour Scheme! 

Those colours were Criminal at times, taking Beautiful Silhouettes and Ideas and Torpedoing them to Davy Jones Locker the moment that they arrived on the Scene! Inspired by Artists Rhys Lee and Andrey Remnev, Font expressed a particular feeling of Lee's "Sinister" style of painting and taking the Form and Shape elements of Remnev's Re-Imagined Pre-Raphaelite style. How those combined in Font's mind... That's for him to expound on, Outwardly, it created something of a Melancholy tone that brought a deep sense of Gravitas and Emotion to the clothes. These were weirdly, Unhappy clothes, but there was a Contrasting and wholly Mysterious sense of Beauty in that Unhappiness. 

The Colour Problem. It was a Garish and Discomfiting Palette at work here (this has been a MAJOR problem so far in New York, Troubling and frankly Alarming Colour Combinations and Schemes) The Horrific Greens and Pink and Red and Blues mixed together to Stomach-Lurching effect were the most  Serious issue to be found, as well as a Reliance on using the same Pouf Sleeve-High Waist proportion seen way too many times for comfort! The one Odd colour Duet that worked was a Pale Dove Grey and Rust combo that in a Short Embroidered Shift was Startling and Mirthful. 

There were other moments of Grandeur to be had, A Black dress in a Violet tiny Floral print with those Balloon sleeves and a Bell skirt was Girlish and Gay, whilst a Haze Blue Chiffon sleeveless gown with Sprays of Embroidery on the upper bodice was Finished with a Wide Band of Ice Blue Organza at the hem gave off a Sublime Couture Aura. The Silvery White Panne Velvet gown with Easter Green Sequins at the top was a Tearjerker of Divine Artistry! 

There were the Usual moments of Excellence to be found in Font's Fall 2015 Delpozo collection, and those moments were Exemplary, every one, the only hitch was that those brief glimpses of the Ethereal were hard to source amidst the surfeit of lesser luminaries. The Colour choices got in the way, the Repetitive nature of the clothes got in the way, the somewhat Arcane nature of the Inspiration got in the way... How could the Brightest of the Constellations in this Galaxy not be Outshined when the combined Magnitude of so many Less stellar heavenly bodies congregated to Dim Their Radiance?

That's All.


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