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Fri. 02/13/2015.

Esoteric inspirations are Run-of-the-Mill in Fashion. The complex part of this is how exactly does one translate their oft times untranslatable inspirations into a Coherent vision that encapsulates the Idee-Fixe and thus render the Ephemeral, Corporeal in Fabric? Most times, The Failure is... Grandiose in it's Magnitude, sometimes, if the Designer is quite Brilliant enough, it can bring one to their knees praying at the Altar of that specific Genius (Like A Galliano, A McQueen, A Lagerfeld...) Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty at Suno erred more on the Former side of the endeavour for their Fall 2015 collection inspired by "Madness" and The literary Character Bertha Mason of "Jane Eyre" 

What Beatty and Osterweis tried to Convey as "Madness" came off more as Confused crossed with Homely. Their clothes this season felt so Leaden, not in weight so much as execution, that they looked Bedraggled and Ragamuffin. Tedious and Kooky is Different from Madness. The duo seemed to think that Odd combinations and Off-putting, Stomach Roiling colours equated to Hysteria when all it amounted to was Tastelessness!

The collection Jetted from one Far-Flung corner of the Closet to the other with a Capriciousness that bordered on Juvenile. When the Beatty and Osterweis relaxed into the groove a little, the clothes didn't suffer under the weight of their own Self-Awareness! A Lovely long-sleeved Marine Blue floral print dress witn a Red/White striped band at the hem was Off-Handed, Fresh and Lively. An Ink Blue Duffle coat worn with a Vibrantly printed sheer dress underneath got the mix they were striving to balance out, Just Right.

As for the rest, A Surefire Miss! Beatty and Osterweis have travelled a lot from their Center in recent collections and each seems to be more and more disappointing. They need to look back at what made them so Interesting to begin with and try and recapture some of that Youthful Verve and inject it back into their clothes. Messy, Disparate collections such as these do nothing to Advance their Fashion language along to anything other than the Chaotic! 

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