Sunday, August 16, 2015

Zero + Maria Cornejo.

Mon. 02/16/2015.

Scan the New York Fashion horizon and look for anyone doing anything similar or comparative to Maria Cornejo... Go Ahead. I'll Wait.....!!! You can't! Maria Cornejo studiously does her own thing, not for Celebs, not for the Press, but for her Clientele who look to her for a kind of "Urban Zen Bohemian" look that she executes season to season with a Peerless and Flawless Deft! Fall 2015 was no exception. The best part, from season to season, Cornejo does not get caught up in her own "Signatures" She explores wide and varied facets of her work each outing and does not rely on the Formulaic for success! That isn't to say her clothes aren't highly recognizable, but it does feel that Cornejo likes working  just at the fringes of Anonymous and letting her clothes do the talking rather than she invest in them a Signature that would make them more... Noticeable! 

Fall 2015 found Cornejo in Top Form. Her Easy, Tough Aesthetic was in full bloom, but touched with a Subtle, Organic Fluidity. There was a lot of interest paid to Criss-Cross tailoring and Bias seaming that lent that Liquid quality to the clothes, and instead of fighting against it and trying to toughen it up, Cornejo went about to how to integrate it into her usually Rigourous work and make the blend harmonious! Like the way a Leather Criss-Cross top stood atop a Streamlined, but Fluid Jumpsuit, all in Black. Witness also, How a Sleek, Supple, but not Strict, Black Leather Zip-front jacket meshed effortlessly with a Bias panel Wrap skirt in Ivory! All of this was Exalted by the palette of Black, White, and Grey with a Punchy Lipstick Red thrown in for Contrast! 

Cornejo delighted from Beginning to End. There literally wasn't one Exit that was not Interesting and giving the viewer something to be excited about. Cornejo is one of those Quiet, but Influential, Independent forces in the New York Fashion Pantheon. She's content with doing Her Thing, Her Way. And the rest of us are Richer for it! 

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