Monday, August 17, 2015

Rachel Zoe.

Tues. 02/17/2015.

A Personal Best! Rachel Zoe's Fall 2015 collection was the Synthesis of her Aesthetic taken to the Next Level and Beyond. Focusing on a Jet-Set Londoner in an obviously Mod Mode, Zoe traded in her Delightful Love of the 70's Bohemian for a Sharper, Sleeker Woman, But she's still got a trace of that Free, Boho Spirit about her! The clearest indications of the New Zoe Woman came about from the first Look, The Tomato Red Ensemble. It had a Pan-Am Air Hostess vibe to it but also Something of Edie Sedgwick. It looked Awesome! 

After this opening, Zoe wisely kept the palette limited to Black and White, the Most Mod of colours, there was one touch of Hunter Green and a Sparkly Multicolour Sequin fabric at the end, but basically, Noir and Blanc! Veritably EVERYTHING was worth remarking on, and One is spoiled for choice as to pick Highlights... A Lace Front Cape that was SO Chic, the Buckled Black Jacket and White Pants that was On-Point... The Sparkly Sequined Long Dress worn with the Black Faux Fur Jacket... Oscar Worthy! The PERFECT Black Day dress with the Patch pockets and Fur cuffs was perhaps the Finest piece in the entire collection! And yes, There was a 70's/ Bianca Moment in the White Jumpsuit with Black accents or the HEAVENLY All-White "Le Smoking" Look that will haunt my dreams for Ages!

Zoe Showed a Fierce and Laser Precise focus in this collection and Hands-Down Staked her claim that she isn't going ANY DAMN WHERE and is serious about her Fashion! This collection should serve as a Smack Down to all the Naysayers and Disbelievers for it Unequivocally showed Ms. Zoe's Design Chops! All I can say is... I have been amongst the Faithful from Jump Street. And My Faith has Been Rewarded!

That's All.


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