Monday, August 17, 2015

Naeem Khan.

Tues. 02/17/2015.

You would Imagine that someone who was Hand-Picked by the Legendary Halston to be his assistant would be more inclined to Daywear and less Frivolous Confections? Not so! Naeem Khan is one of those Designers lumped into the same basket as Reem Acra, Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad and NUMEROUS others who make their Fashion way by creating nothing but Tooth Decaying, Sugary Trifles of Clothing smothered in Beads and Sequins and Feathers and All manner of Gobstopper like Embellishment and Decoration. It's Patently, Aggravating. 

The most Insulting part is, it looks like they don't even try! Even Badgley Mishcka (Thank The Lord) have begun doing Daywear (and doing it Damn Finely at that!) The Steady procession of Unceasing Extravagance is not Uplifting, It's Ludicrous! Fall 2015 followed suit for Khan in showing that he has no use for anything other than the Embroiderers Needle and Yards and Yards of Chiffon and Velvet and such! Fall 2015 was surely an Overage and Glut of Sickening Embellishment and Adornment from Khan... Virtually all that was shown was Hampered by Scads of Beads and Studs and Sequins. Undeniably, Much of it is Exactingly Beautiful, but one can only digest so much Excess!

Even when Khan tried to do "Daywear" it was Latticed and Encrusted with Sequins and Beads! In all of this, there were some pieces that were more Extraordinary than the rest, An Elegant Parchment coloured Long sleeve Gown with Front slit decorated with 3-D Flowers, a Lichen Green Sequined and Studded Chiffon gown with a Sheer skirt revealing a Delicate Floral Filigree of Lace underneath and the Black Velvet Fishtail gown with the Black Embroidered White Renaissance long sleeves that was just the Epitome of Drop-Dead! 

Otherwise, A Forgettable Escapade. There are going to be Many women who will incorporate these Trifles into their evening Rotation and Khan won't have to worry about the success of his company with these surefire sellers, but his design skills will have to be another issue to be addressed indeed in the Worry Column! 

That's All.


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