Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Alexander Wang.

Sat. 02/14/2015.

"You can have Any Colour, As long as it's Black" was infamously uttered by Henry Ford and to many of the Fashion Elite, that has stuck as Gospel from On High! Fall 2015 saw Alexander Wang Envisioning his own Black Party with the Disclaimer "Our Customer wants Black. So why not do an All-Black collection?" Good Point, Indeed? Why not? With Wang going the Dark route, Inevitably, Connotations of Goth and Heavy Metal and Depressive Sylvia Plath Devotees were going to be running Thick and Fast, In a way, Wang played on these Icons, But subverted them in a way that the Dark Lord would find these pieces quite less than Dreary or Melancholic or even all that Menacing! 

If one can Imbue All Black with Lightness and Freshness... Wang, in no small feat of Fashion Alchemy, DID just that! Even thought the Androgyne look was predominant and the Toughness was Implied, The pieces, Sans Styling and Mood, would work for the Bowery as it would for the 90210. Taken as just clothes, they had Speed and Movement and Utility imbued with the kind of Chic Hardness that the Modern woman desires, especially Big City Urbanites who need their clothes to communicate a kind of "FUCK OFF!" attitude! This though didn't equate to Darkness or Anti-Socialism, It just equaled out to the Way Modern women want and Need to dress!

The pieces that stood out most were the newest and most innovative, simply because the rest of the show was full of Incredible Wang-isms as not to really be all that shocking, but still they were done Exceptionally well. The coats quilted with Dog Tag Ball Bearing chains were Inventive and Edgy. The Sheer Chain Mail mesh dresses that ended the show were Fabulously Kinky and Sexy and entirely new for Wang, he managed to make it work and look just the right amounts of Improper and Desirable! 

Most Obviously, Wang had fun playing the All-Black collection card, Every Designer at some point is fascinated by the prospect of doing one, Wang's happened to Brilliantly be, a Furthering, an Extension of his Dialogue. It may not have been Typical Alexander Wang, but it also could NO ONE OTHER than Wang! Taken apart, this is Fashion Gold Wang is Minting. His clients will be Kitted out in these Moody pieces for many years to come, because even though it was a Thematic collection, these clothes have a long shelf life to them. It's a Combination for Wang that will have him hitting the Fashion Jackpot come Fall.... And Beyond! 

That's All.


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