Monday, August 17, 2015

Badgley Mischka.

Tues. 02/17/2015.

Glam Daywear! OOOOOHHH! That's My Kryptonite! Makes me Knees buckle! It has the power to make me Coo like a Pigeon!  SO... A Cooing I Was at Mark Badgley and James Mischka's EXCELLENT Fall 2015 Fashion Proposition! They were inspired by the Sultry 1941 Potboiler, "Blood and Sand" Starring Rita Hayworth (now, if Hayworth isn't enough Impetus for a collection, then Heaven Help You!) about a Love Triangle between a Spanish Matador and his Beloved and the Slinky Tart Ms. Hayworth,  throwing her Curvaceous Monkey Wrench into the works! Steamy Fodder, one must say! 

With All manner of Gilded Brocades and Iberian influences abounding, Badgley and Mischka injected that sense of Regal Excess into all stratas of their clothing this season, from the Elaborately worked and Embellished Brocade Jacket that opened the show (Paired with an Oil-Slick Black Ponyskin Skirt that played off against it Perfectly!) to a Heartstoppingly Fantastic Black Chiffon Strapless gown at Exit No. 10 decked out in thick Scrolls and Swirls of Golden Embellishment! It was the Daywear, particularly that shone brightest here, A Ivory Boucle Trench was Killing it Uptown, Downtown, All Around Town! A Scarlet Wrap Coat paired with a Richly Embroidered top and Black Pants was Quiet and Extravagant in perfect measures! The most Wonderful aspect of the Daywear was that it Married Mark and James' Aesthetic of Glamourous into the clothes without being Obvious, like how all the Tweeds had Glinting Lurex running threw them to give them that Sparkle that defines the label!

The Eveningwear... Too many pieces to address that were Absolutely Stunning! The Best... A sleeveless dark Mauve Column with Antique Blue and Silver embroidery at the top of the Gown, a featherweight Black Gazar Dress that was Strict and Severe from the front and was Lavished with Gold embroidery in the back. The Best, an Micro-Bugle Beaded gown the colour of a Perfect Aquamarine that was deeply Cowl draped at the nape of the back and filled in with sheer embroidered Illusion... Outstanding! 

Quite possibly, this was the Finest Badgley Mischka collection to be seen in some time... It was a Perfect Marriage of Day and Night and it all looked DEFINITIVELY like Badgley Mishcka! This is a trend that should continue with the Designers. It looked Mightily Impressive and Gloriously Beautiful! What more could one ask?

That's All.


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