Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tommy Hilfiger.

Mon. 02/16/2015.

"Are You Ready For Some Football?" OK... I just HAD to say it! Tommy Hilfiger proposed an Amalgamation of 1970's Prep, A La "Love Story" and Football as his Modus Designus for Fall 2015. Curious indeed, but it worked out to be probably his Best collection in Years! Hilfiger has been on a roll as of late with Damned good and sometimes Great collections, Spring 2015 was a bit of a... "Fumble" (I had to!) in the line, but this collection was a "Touchdown" (Ok, I'll Stop!) 

The main reason this collection worked so well... the Clothes were Goddamn Amazing! They were some of the Chicest, Sharpest, Exuberant and Delightful clothes to be seen yet in the season and they wore their Excitement on their sleeve and waved it like a Banner, These weren't clothes that were aping to please the Dour Downtown Fashionista, they were living to put Smiles on the Faces and make a Gal look Smart, Sexy, Fun! If that's a Fashion Offence then lock me up! Even though Hilfiger also used a Dark and Deeply coloured palette, the clothes never felt for One second, Heavy or Overly Serious and Contemplative. The colours felt Alive, Lush, Expensive and Flattering as all Hell! Tobacco, Dark Camel, Bordeaux, Cranberry, Navy, Ivory, Sunflower... All just Delicious to the Eye!

Hilfiger also won Massive points for upping the Chic factor by about 50 this Go-Round. Even though there were tons of Cheerleader pleated skirts and Varsity Bombers, On the other side of that coin there was a Dark Rinse Denim Pantsuit with Natural Suede and Cocoa Leather Patch pockets that Wowed with the Greatest of Ease! Cable-knit never looked so good as it did on Leila Nda in the form of a Hooded Popover in Camel with a inset Leather laced up Yoke and Hood in Nude Cashmere. The Section of Colour-Block Leather "Jersey" dresses was Whimsical and Delightful, the Pullover top and skirt on Binx Walton in Bordeaux though was winning on multiple levels!

Hilfiger Knocked this one outta the Park (Mixing Metaphors...??) with Absolutely Divine Clothes, Incredible Execution and a Fun Factor that tipped the scales. In saying that, had the clothes not been so Damnably Desirable and Brilliantly Conceptualized, it would have Been Hokey and Jokey and not at all Impressive. Hilfiger has too much Business talent to let it Devolve into either of those, but what's now equally apparent, He has the Design Talent to Match!

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