Thursday, August 27, 2015

Julien MacDonald.

Sat. 02/21/2015.

Julien MacDonald.

Julien MacDonald usually straddles and skirts the line between Gutturally Sexy and Whorish. For Fall 2015 he seemed to slip off that line and land, often, on the Whorish side of that Delicate Demarcation! Even more Distracting, Just when it looked like MacDonald was doing something that Vaguely resembled Daywear, at least by MacDonald standards, to open his show, just a bare few exits later we saw that Idyllic Bubble, Burst!

MacDonald Can, (but seemingly WON'T,) make Beautiful Day clothes, we have seen him do it! His Collections for Givenchy, Way Back When, prove that he can and that he has a Sturdy Couture hand too! But his own collections of late have only proven that he is Starstruck with Bedazzling the Nether regions of his Throng of Pretty things and not much else. This season one does have to applaud MacDonald for showing restraint and offering his own kind of Glittery Daywear, An Achievement to be sure. And the only Saving Grace of this Cookie-Cutter collection!

There was nothing new on the Front Lines of Julien MacDonald for Fall, As to be expected. MacDonald seems Obstinate to the point of Obsession with his Glitzy wares. He has the girls that will be assaulting him to be the first one to wear one of his Body-Enhancing Creations, But the relevance of said creations seems to be evaporating more quickly than the Shine on the Starlet of the Moment Draped in one of Julien's Pieces!

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