Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Victoria Beckham.

Sun. 02/15/2015.

Anyone who fell in love with what Victoria Beckham started out doing with her label, truly wishes she'd Quit with all the Eccentric and Quixotic trickery in her clothes and just Design some Damn Fine Outfits. It's obvious she can do it, the Outerwear in her Fall 2015 show were Spellbindingly Beauteous, but the rest of the Uneven, Disheveled mess, URGH, Horrid! Flat Out, Terrible! Beckham's Experimenting has caused her clothes to look like either she has lost her Damn Mind, or that she just likes Ugly. At this point, Either one is up for Grabs as to the answer! It wouldn't even be a Problem so much if we didn't have Sterling Evidence to the Contrary, We Know that Bitch can Cut a Dress like Nobody's Business, and in this collection her Enviable way with Coats is showing that Her Tailleur skills are Top-Notch to Boot! But the rest... Had she wrapped Kitchen Towels around the body with Duck Tape she would have come off better! 

A few dresses passed muster, Mainly the sleeveless Swishy skirted ones with the belted waists... they had a Modern appeal to them that would easily set them apart on the Urban Landscape, But the Separates and the other dresses, Dumpster them Immediately! On the Coat front, there were simply far too many to choose from for Greatness! Every one of them was a Qualified MASTERPIECE!!! From the DEEP Purple short Riding Coat on Mica Arganaraz to the Side-tie Bathrobe style in Gunmetal Blue Tweed on Ysaunny Brito. The Best was a Burnt Orange one with a High Mandarin collar and Three front buttons... EXQUISITE to the 100th power! 

Ms. Beckham has Vast amounts of Talent. She should truly look about her work and realize that this isn't Great stuff she's turning out, FUCK, It's not even GOOD! She has the Skills and Abilities to do nothing but WOW us, Yet when she shows Half-Assed shows like this... She isn't convincing Anyone that she possesses them! 

That's All.



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