Monday, August 31, 2015

Topshop Unique.

Sun. 02/22/2015.

The Topshop Girl is the kind of gal that can take the most Disparate Fashion elements and Make them look Hip, Cool, Edgy, Modern and Slickly Chic. Kate Phelan, the Design Director for Topshop knows how to tap into that Sixth Sense that her customer has for Manipulating the Puzzle pieces into something wholly Entrancing and Vivacious and apply it to her work and thus appeal to that innate nature of her Girl and thus the Circle remains Unbroken! She knows her Pretty, Young Things will be Inexorably drawn to her way of mixing and find their own, New Permutations, so the Topshop formula is always, sorta, in a constant state of Fashionable Flux!

Fall 2015 was no less a Masterpiece of this Mix-Match aesthetic than ever before, Maybe even more so, as Phelan has been Emboldened, by the success of the label and by her customers growing need for Luxe, to push the quality and styling towards the Richer end of the Spectrum with Decidedly Pleasing results. Like the Second Exit out, A Granny styled Fur Chubby, with a pair of skinny trousers with some Flair and Flare paired with a Liberty worthy Floral print Blouse, Combining something olden style in a New way and looking Fabulous in the process. 

From Top to Bottom, Beginning to End, Phelan loaded the Topshop collection to Overflow with Desirable pieces shown in Desirable ways, a prim Cable-Knit Turtleneck sweater in Ivory was sexified with a Sky high slit Wrap skirt in Pale Nude Leather, an Azure Blue Corduroy skirt Suit was a highly imaginative and Youthful use of the humble fabric and sure to appeal to the Younger set as well as the Not-so-Young! Evening even had it's moment in Dandelions in Flower and Wind-Catching seed form, on Inky Black Velvet dresses, as did Ostrich Feathers! Though, it was a Tweed belted waist Jacket/Coat and Pants pairing that made the most Impact with Shaggy Black Fur cuffs, it was the most Sophisticated and Mature Exit in the show and demonstrated that Phelan can do Grownup as well as Young in Mind, Body and Spirit, She should add more of this Maturity in the future. 

Phelan produced a Directional and Accessible collection that will have all manner of Woman incorporating the Topshop pieces into their already Bulging wardrobes, simply for the fact that the clothes are Desirous and Current without feeling slavish to the trends and more so, by setting some of it's own. That is like Catnip to the Fashionista! 

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