Sunday, August 30, 2015

David Koma.

Sun. 02/22/2015.

Striking an unusually Elegant and more Classically Restrained posture in his Fall 2015 Collection, David Koma put on perhaps the best show of his Career. It was as Sexy as usual, The Body is Koma's Landscape and he is always finding new and inventive ways of Traversing it, this time, there was a Grown-Up, Less aggressive quality introduced that made the clothes feel Sensual, Playful and Mature without being Old. The use of Ruffles in the most Modern of forms, added a Youthful and Flirtatious edge to the clothes that even though Sexified, had, as per usual for Koma, a Tough, Modern, almost Futurist Bent to them. 

Koma started with a Severe and Racy opening Zip-Front sheath dress that was softened up with those Ruffles at the sleeves and kept the dress firmly in the Scintillating arena and not in the Gothic. The little Leather Patch pocket Dress that followed was totally a "Mullet" Dress... Business in Front (covering every inch of skin from Thigh up to Neck) and Party in Back (Two large Cutout sections revealing tons of Skin!) A Black Coat with Push-Click closures (a device used throughout the collection) was the Epitome of Modern Mod but with no Retro Connotation suffused to it. A Black Jumpsuit on Riley Montana gave off Futuristic Speed and Sleekness while still being Deadly Chic!

Finishing on a Strong note with some Gorgeously Ostentatious Swarovski Crystal Beading, Koma Sealed the deal on his collection being a Success from Open to Close, to call it Impressive was to understate the fact by Miles. It was a Treatise on how Restrained and Futurist can be Sexy and Stylish. Koma Struck Oil here and what a Gusher it was, Quietly Powerful and Strong, Yet, Totally Femme! A Formula for Success, I'd Say!

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