Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pamella Roland.

Mon. 02/16/2015.

Pamella Roland.

Pamella Roland's a Hometown Gal, and I will always be a Champion of hers! I do have to say that, even with being a Champion for her, Her Fall 2015 collection was a little Underwhelming, a little Staid and a bit Basic. The collection didn't feel as Luxurious and Expensive, Rich and Glamourous as per Roland's Usual! It felt like it was holding itself back from trying to bust out at the seams with something Fantastically Deliciously Gaudy and Extravagant, which was something this Sedate collection could have used.

Let's not get off on the Wrong Footing, however... There were some Excellent (This is after all Pamella Roland, Ya Know!?!?) Pieces strewn To and Fro, an Absolutely Beguiling Electric Blue Strapless Cut-work Velvet gown was a Retina Blasting Delight and exhibited that needed bit of Extroversion the collection was missing, A Body-Hugging sleeveless Black Cocktail/Evening number was all the more Sexy for it's Stripped back Asceticism and a Bronze sleeveless dress also was displaying that sense of Restrained Sternness even though it was decorated with Crystals along it's neckline and pockets.

Roland also hit the Daily Double with a Wine coloured Chiffon Embroidered gown that Had all the Esses in Tow, Slinky, Sexy, Sensual, Stunning! And Damn, if Ms. Pamella doesn't know her way around some Sequins, as she displayed in a Black Sheer long-sleeve gown that was decorated with Swooping Whorls of stripes in Gunmetal Bugle Beads that Glistened like Jewels in Moonlight! Roland surely knows what to do to make Her woman Drool with want, and she accomplished it here, She just needed to let herself go a little more and Dazzle us a little more... For we all know she can!

That's All.


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