Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Sat. 02/14/2015.

Soothing, Calming, Cozy. Words not usually associated with Minimalism, which usually conjures up in the mind words like, Sleek, Strict, Severe. Not a one of those Adjectives were to be found in Amy Smilovic's Fall 2015 Tibi show. It was on the surface about Inuit and Arctic elements co-opted for the Modern City Dweller, but there was an Unfussy, Minimalist streak running through the Cuddly approach taken by Smilovic. Shades were Comforting and Inviting, luring the onlooker into wanting to touch and then, Snuggle up with the pieces and just pray for a Winter Storm. 

All this Fuzzy and Nuzzly warmness did not equate to heft or sloppiness, however. Those Tweeds and Boucles and Fur were all contrasted by Urban ready fabrics of Cashmere and Wool and Leather to keep it all Modern. I mean, What could be more Modern than a Superfine Sweatsuit fleece Top and Cropped pants paired with a Short Shearling "Bomber" with Grey Fur collar? Truly, a Twisted take on High/Low Luxe that worked in a Wondrous way! Or how about the Oversized Fuzzy Grey Melange sweater tossed casually over a Wrap skirt in Deep Sienna Suede? Sumptuous, No? 

These were just a few of the many Lovely choices offered forth by Smilovic in her Winning collection for Tibi. Minimal doesn't have to mean Lacking Personality or Depth, as Smilovic so Expertly provided proof of here. Cozy doesn't have to mean one loses their sense of the Stylish, Either! Smilovic's collection for Tibi was putting all who viewed it in a Wintry state of Mind. Come on Jack Frost, You're not gonna win this Winter! 

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