Monday, August 3, 2015

Monique L'huillier.

Fri. 02/13/2014.

Opting to show so little Daywear added another level of Who Cares to Monique Lhuillier's particularly Dismal showing for Fall 2015. One would expect nothing less than Terrible when the Inspirational Woman of the collection is that Overrated Sow, Kate Moss. There's no need to go on a Prolonged Diatribe of why I hate Moss and the way the industry attaches near Messianic status to her. Suffice it to say, The collection was an Incoherent wreck! 

What did the Slinky, Signature Evening gowns at the end (which by the way, offered the only Highlights of the show to be found!) have to do with any of the Bouncing around from 20's to 70's that Lhuillier showed before them? The Disco Nights drape-y Satin Charmeuse numbers looked Stale and Done to Death. While those Stiff Lace dresses that opened had a Primness that was bereft of any Femininity or Sexiness! When Lhuillier paired that same Lace with Midnight Floral prints of Blue and Green and Yellow or Violet and Pink on Black ground, they tended to be more successful, but not by much.

Sadly, not much worth reporting occurred this showing (One could, Bitchily say, Good on her for picking that Rat-Faced Troll Moss as Inspiration, but that might be read as Crass...) However, a draped Deep Marigold Yellow gown near the end held promise and a Heavily Embroidered Green Chiffon gown a few exits later was Magical! Other than that... Lhuillier's collection fell flat on it's face and inspired very little other than Confusion and Boredom. 

That's All.


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