Friday, August 7, 2015

Porsche Design.

Sun. 02/14/2015.

With new Design Director Pierre Costin taking over for Thomas Steinbruck (why he left, God Alone Knows) Porsche Design continued to give a mighty push to an Incredible Ball already in mid Roll, Steinbruck had upped the Ante considerably and was bringing much new visibility to the label on the shores of the Americas. What transpired to change that is a Mystery, but what is done is done. Pierre Costin's task is to now proceed to pour more Petrol on the Fire that Steinbruck started and was tending with Great, Modern, Sleek design. 

Did he do that? Yes, Mostly. His Debut effort for Fall 2015 was Directional and assuredly Editorial, but it didn't have that Fluidity and Ease that Steinbruck gave to the House, a lot of it erred on the Complicated side and not in the Technical way that Steinbruck designed. There was a Bulk and Rigidity and Heavy-Handedness that may have been partly due to the Aggressive styling, However the clothes themselves didn't feel like they were giving much room for Softness and Grace. Another stumble, the Proportions were distractingly Troublesome as they did not convey Mobility or Refinement. 

Saying all that, a couple things were readily evident, One, the Men's side of the equation was PHENOMENAL! It was Blissfully Executed and Desirable. Costin Mined Purest Platinum on that shore. Two, there was Much Promise on display for Costin's Debut with the Women's line. Honestly, a great deal of it was as Powerful as the Men's wear and would be easy to fit into any woman's Fall lineup, A Wonderful Felted Agate Green cap-sleeve tunic dress with a deep Banded hem of Astrakhan and paired with slim Flannel trousers was Tough and Cool and Uber-Luxe. Whilst a seamed strapless Corset and Pencil skirt with quilted inset panels, Strutted a Curvaceous Shimmy and Shake down the Catwalk and would work for Evening as well as it would with or sans a Jacket or Coat on top for Day! 

A Deepest Charcoal Car Coat surmounting a pair of Sand Riding trousers worn with high Equestrian Boots was an ideally Swashbuckling approach to Sportif, and the Best Exit in the bunch, early in the Show, A Precisely constructed Short Zip-front coat in Dark Grey with a Shearling Collar worn with one of the collections Omnipresent Corset Belts was vying for Most Lusted after Item of the Season! It was Pure, Perfect, Precise! Costin, in his own way, fanned the flames of excitement with his debut, forgiving the errors, there was a Boat load of good things to take away from this show, the most enjoyable being that the label seems to been in Highly Capable hands and that from this point forward, We have a lot of Exhilarating things to look forward to in the future of this Label. 

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