Monday, August 17, 2015


Tues. 02/17/2015.

It was another Typical Disaster from Sister act Kate and Laura Mulleavy for their Rodarte Label for Fall 2015. Finding their starting point from the Migration Patterns of Birds (Say the Fuck WHAT?) from City to Country and a good Old-Fashioned Dollop of Disco brought us another Tacky, Discombobulated, Trashy, Style Bereft outing from the Sisters! 

The Immediate issue for the first 2/3 of the show was that there wasn't really any Outfits to speak of... save some Droopy Granny Panties over Lace hose, or a Couple of Guncheck Blazers and Coats that again didn't add up to much. The Main Problem... The girls are "STYLISTS" Not Designers! They do some Difficult pieces, like the Ghesquiere/Balenciaga Pieced Skirts or an Asymmetric Sheer/Lace Combo dress, but really, The pieces look like they have been pulled from other peoples collections and just STYLED on the Runway, No real Integrity is on display. I mean this could have been combos of Balmain and Vuitton with some Altuzarra thrown in for all anyone knows!

On the opposite hand, Their Shit just looks Garishly Cheap! Like Found in a thrift store, cobbled together with some thread and feathers, getting ready to Work the Pole at the "Shaved Beaver Lounge" Center Stage Cheap! And that is Unforgivable! Even when the Rainbow Sequins and Embroidered dress section signalling the end of the show started, It was the best thing in the show, yet still felt like Cheap Rousteing/Balmain Knockoffs! 

And even though the Final Trio of Gowns were Honestly Breathtaking, they could not alone save this Cheesy Trash-Fest of a Cataclysm! The Mulleavy sisters consistently display a undeniable lack of Taste and Skill to compete in the Global Fashion Arena, they need to seriously reconstruct their Signatures (whatever the Hell those are) and come up with better material. This Schtick has grown Far Beyond Tiresome and into Grotesque!  

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