Sunday, August 16, 2015

Tory Burch.

Tues. 02/17/2015.

Tory Burch Goes Moroccan via London! Burch found her Fall 2015 inspiration in the Mod Mode of the Hip and Swinging 60's, Most specifically, The London of the 1960's, Or more exactly, Chelsea! Burch loaded her collection up with Exotica, Tapestry prints, Mirror embroidery, High Boots, low hanging jewelry... it all added up to a Sophisticated and Heady mix that was kept very much of the Modern here and now by not being a costume drama and more an appropriation of these arcane influences for the Woman of Today! 

Nothing showed by Burch spoke of the Thrift shop or Granny's Closet, the clothes spoke the language of 2015 and looked Sleek, Slick and quite a bit Sexy! The gamine Chelsea girls influence lent an air of the Hedonistic to Burch's usually Straitlaced wares, with short hems and scarves slung louchely around the neck, there was a thread of sensuality percolating underneath that was welcome to Burch's language of Fashion.

Full of Desirable pieces, Many stood out in this thoroughly satisfying collection, A White Blouse with a Pair of Red Moroccan Kilim print Mikado pants was Strict and Sexy with a bit of a Rocker Edge to it, A la Jagger! A long Moroccan print Vest paired with Shiny Mikado trousers also translated 60's Bohemian into the Mode Moderne! And a GORGEOUS Tapestry print dress on Tami Williams was just Flat-Out Exquisite! 

Burch has continued to stretch herself and not let her label grow Stagnant. This was more of larger step forward and sets Burch up for even Bigger steps. Her label has the Sustainability factor to take somewhat bigger risks, and as this collection shows, She also has the acumen to not take a risk that would be Fatal to her label and clients. As great as this collection was, I can see Ms. Burch spreading her wings even wider and doing something quite a bit more Extrovert! Given Time, I hope she will! 

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