Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Christian Siriano.

Sat. 02/14/2015.

With a Dream of the Congo in his mind, Christian Siriano took his Fashion Followers into Africa for a Surprisingly Sophisticated and Tame collection despite the Wildness of the inspiration. The juxtaposition worked and showed Siriano in Top Form. Not everything was Slaying it, though the great percentage of what he showed was more than Successful! Siriano kept things Classy and for him, Classical, which is why the collection was so easily Digestible and Uncomplicated, although who among us doesn't like a little bit of Complicated when it comes to Siriano, it's something he does with a Masterful hand!

There were Rich Jewel tones and Black as well as Animal Prints (Tiger Stripes and Leopard Spots) but the key point to be noticed here was that Siriano kept things mostly Neutral. The Tiger stripe and Camel section early on was some of the best work he's ever done, as in the Camel Wide collared coat with a Garnet Turtleneck dress underneath. The Curvaceous Leopard print belted dress at Exit No. 18 looked Particularly Amazing also. Although most people look to Siriano for Evening Spectacles (and they were there, more on that in a Minute) it was Positively refreshing to see how Grown-Up and Mature his Daywear pieces were.

So, now the Evening... As per usual, there was a lot to Marvel at... a Long Winged sleeved Tunic and Fishtail skirt Smothered in beads in an Abstracted Tiger pattern was Couture Worthy in it's Excellence and the Ballgown with the Antebellum skirt of Black/White Feather fronds had that same Couture presence deep in it's DNA! And even though the Finale Quartet of Leaf print Taffeta Gala Ready Ballgowns were undeniably Lovely, the most Impactful piece in the whole show was an Unadorned draped Satin Gown in the Colour of a Beautifully Iridescent Black Pearl. that Stole the Show. It was Powerfully Gorgeous and Serious without one single feeling of the Saccharine! 

Siriano's Fall collection saw him producing some Great work, Some of his best to date. There could have been more Clarity with a Sharper edit, but really, that's a Small Complaint to level at the show when Siriano put forth such a Worthwhile effort! 

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