Monday, August 10, 2015

The Row.

Mon. 02/16/2015.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Do NOT Do Sensual. Not even, Suggestive. They instinctually know that there are too many designers in New York alone who can do Sensual in their sleep! That's not their oeuvre. It never has been, mayhaps, never will be! But they are OK with that, As is the rest of the Fashion World, for while they don't do Characteristic Sensual, they know that there is Inherent Sensuality in Exceptionally Luxe Fabrics, and in Peerless Cut, and Precise Drape and Seam! The Intellectual Sensuality that is more Slow Burn, Onanistic, Longer lasting, Deeper Felt!

Fall 2015 was without question, an Unequaled Masterpiece for the Women Olsen (as they are not and haven't been GIRLS in Quite sometime! And they have earned the "Woman" Moniker!) It would be Useless and as well, take an Extraordinarily LONG span of time to go into the correct amount of depth needed to properly espouse the Majesty of this collection. Gazing upon the collection one is left to wonder, How such Minimal clothing can be so Impactive? The Olsen's clothes hit you like a Frying Pan to the back of the Head! They are so Impeccably Calibrated and Finely Honed that they Positively Radiate! Even more Befuddling, their clothes barely speak above a Whisper in the colour department... they do all this Fantastic-ness in a palette of White, Black, Neutrals and Dark, Earthy shades! It's Astounding!

A few glimpses of the Magic. A Lichen Brown Satin Wrap jacket with matching slim pants simmered with Grace and Elegance while being totally Urban and Modern, the opening look of a Hazelnut Grainy Leather Bathrobe coat and White pants had a Spare and Monastic Eloquence that gave it that City Armour Feeling while still being Inexorably Luxriant! A Cadet Blue Doubleface coat worn with matching trousers carved out itself as a wholly viable workplace option that wasn't one Iota Traditional! And SO MUCH MORE! 

The Twins Olsen Kicked so much Ass with this collection that it's truly difficult to express in words how Amazing it was! The Row has always been a Beacon of Quiet, Studied Luxury, It has never once had to Shout, it has always kept it's Composure and let the clothes speak, Placidly, of their own Powers and Specialness. It has Elevated the label to a Must-see and Must-Have on the Radar of all Fashionistas. This time out, the Ladies left me Speechless and On the verge of Weeping. As well as not just a Little Breathless! 

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