Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Weds. 02/18/2015.

Ho-Hum. Yet another Tedious and Boring parade of Eveningwear... Yadda Yadda Yadda! Not even all that particularly Spectacular a Parade either, Truth be known! Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig sent out another Been There, Done That, Poster On The Wall... Et Cetera... Et Cetera collection for Fall 2015 for their label Marchesa. While spotty with some Lovely pieces, the main breadth of the collection was literally, Dulling and Uninspired. A Half-Hearted try to be sure. If you're going to do a collection of Confections, Might as well Whoop it the Hell Up! Marchesa didn't Whoop so much as Laugh Spiritedly! Most parlayed in front of the viewer Lacked that Grandiosity that was the Trademark of the house back in the day!

Where were the Swelling, Overstuffed Cream Puffs of Satin and Beads and Feathers? The Painstaking Swags of Chiffon and Beads and Sequins and Lace??? In their place... Fringe, and 3-D Flowers... Oh! They didn't illicit more than a Wan Yea rather than a Boisterous Holler. The Essential Cream Your Jeans Element of the Marchesa of Olde have been missing for a very long time now. In it's place, a Less interesting shadow of the former self. Nothing here stood out in any way as barely registering above mild interest, Nothing asserted itself forward in any Grand or Extravangant way that would cause one to Tremble with Feverish Desire... and that's been the story for a while now with Marchesa. 

Chapman and Craig have their fans, they still produce Stunning work, but the work is just that. Stunning. Before it Was Cataclysmic Orgasms of Fashion that left one Drained of all Bodily Function and Competent thought! It was a Fairy Tale made Corporeal and It stiffened you in all the right regions for all the right reasons! Now, It's Lovely, and Redundant. I've screamed about creating nothing but Evening clothes and I have nothing new to add to that conversation. So, I'll leave it where it is. As for Marchesa Fall 2015... Beautiful as ever, But that Beauty had faded to a Dim Memory of what once was! 

That's All.


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