Sunday, August 16, 2015

Rag & Bone.

Mon. 02/16/2015.

As good as Designers David Neville and Marcus Wainwright's Fall 2015 Rag & Bone collection outwardly appeared, by the halfway mark, a Deadening Sameness and lack of Variety insinuated itself into the proceedings and we were treated to a show that was more about regurgitating the same looks over and over again in Different colours or slight changes of fabrics. Where Neville and Wainwright might mined a Jackpot of riches had they actually exerted an effort, instead we were treated to second rate Trinkets! 

With 90's themed collections surfacing like so many Moles in a Garden this season, That Rag & Bone Hip-Hopped onto that speeding train was no big Surprise, and frankly, by this time that idea is already feeling like a well-used Whore. In Neville and Wainwright's hands, nothing even a little bit new was offered up in way of the Original. Spearing a 90's Female Hip-Hop influence gave no more excitement to the Clothes, except maybe the flashes of Colour. The clothes presented, what few ideas there were, were quite attractive, the Lace trim slip dresses, the Sporty Outerwear, the Precisely cut Pants... all Enviable options for their customer and those new to the label. 

In saying the aforementioned though, we could have dealt without the 4-6 variants of outfits that mixed things up only in Colour or a Minute change in fabric combination. This repetition showed that either the Rag & Bone duo ran out of Ideas or Just were so Willfully in love with the few they made that they felt the need to Mindlessly loop them! Either way, It Failed! So, One the one Hand, The clothes as Individual pieces were Top Notch. Bravo, Sirs! But the way in which those pieces were presented, left much to be desired. 

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