Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Anna Sui.

Weds. 02/18/2015.

Anna Sui's Hippy Bohemian gal is as subject to an Esoteric and Whimsical inclination as Ms. Sui herself is... So assuredly Sui's Woman was going to Lap up the collections "Vikings" (History Channel Cable Show) Stimulus like a Gluten-Free Non-Dairy Ethically Vegan Smoothie with all the Zeal of the Hip(py)Ster that they are! Unfortunately for Sui, Vikings inspiration will only go so far in transforming her by now, Rote and Well Hoary designs! Sui's Fall 2015 looks like every other one that has come before, gussied up with some Icelandic Folklore prints and Fur! Beyond that, Same Old, Same Old, Business as Usual!

While Sui does work her Niche with a Frightening Consistency that produces Attractive clothing, Without any Emphatic verbalizing of her "Theme" no one could tell one collection apart from the other! The same well worn idioms that are trotted out season upon season were trotted out again here. Throw some new prints and a Bit more Fur and Layers into the mix, and it still looks like Sui! Ultimately. as Pretty and Fun as it all may be... it all in the end, winds up looking the same. How you assess that kind of Continuity/Stagnation Debate is your choice! 

That's All.


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