Monday, August 17, 2015

J. Crew.

Tues. 02/17/2015.

Jenna Lyons has struck a unique chord in the mind of the Fashion Elite. She and her Women's design head Tom Mora have elevated the Humble, Sporty, Everyday label that was seen as a Mall Staple and not really... "Fashion" and Transformed it into the Covetous, Juggernaut it has become! (though as of writing this, The company was facing some Dismal Financial woes that has seen Tom Mora now deposed from his post as Design Director, with Somsack Sikhounmuong replacing him) The label upped the Ante of the Contemporary Fashion game and left in it's wake other brands trembling and stumbling about as to how to compete (Wisely, it's nearest competitor, Banana Republic, installed Marissa Webb as Design Director and is revving itself to give J. Crew a run for the money!)

Mora and Lyons gave the biggest "Fashion" Push yet for Fall 2015 with a good dollop of Quirky thrown in for good measure. The design aspects of the collection were Honed and Sharpened and more of a risk was taken in this collection. Mora showed an eclectic mix of Utilitarian and Luxe that he went for with Gusto and Commitment, in that the looks never were weak or felt half-hearted and worked all the more so for it. Another thing Mora plunged head long into, VIVID Colour! Inspired by Peter Schlesinger's book "Checkered Past" Mora said, which curated the looks of the London Scene at the time and the scene makers, Mora got that Eccentric, Apfel-esque Vibe down right!

Just look at the Crystal Studded Checked Tweed overcoat worn with a Herringbone Tweed Blazer and Jeans, or the Dark Camel Utility Jacket with the Shaggy Egg Yolk Yellow fur lining for Quixotic Juxtapositions! The Sage Green Parka with paired with a cheerfully coloured Fair-Isle knit Sweater and Gold Mesh Fringe skirt was also a study in Counterpoint that worked Extremely well! The Mariniere Striped top with a deep band of Navy Fur at the hem had just the Perfect amount of Whacky and still remained Chic! The other side of the coin is, when Mora decided to pull back and keep things simple, he also Fanned the Flames of Desire. An Ultra Simple Yolk Yellow Sweater with a Fawn Linen Shantung skirt with a front slit was as Easy and Stylish as it gets as was the Quiet Mastery of a Grey Sweater with Ultra Wide Pallazzo "Split Skirt" (as they called them in My Youth) Pants that redefined Classic with a Twist!

With Startlingly well judged and crafted pieces like this, J. Crew should keep it's "Fashion" Street Cred well intact going into Spring. This was Perhaps Mora's Finest showing at the house, and the J. Crew should count itself lucky that it has such a Great base of Fashion to build itself on in the Future. The one thing that needs to remain clear and forefront in the Executives Minds (Mr. Drexler... This is going out to YOU!) They should not fully reject all that has come before from Mora's Masterfully Talented hands and try to Overhaul this label into something unrecognizable with Sikhounmuong! Ms. Lyons needs to keep the pace and stay the road she was heading down, just now, perhaps take a Side Street instead of an entire new path. They found Massive Success before, all that are needed now are a few Tweaks and Adjustments!

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