Friday, August 7, 2015

Tracy Reese.

Sun. 02/14/2015.

Representing The D! Yes, Ma'am! Ms. Tracy Reese is a Hometown Detroit girl and I have to say, It Shows! Her Fall 2015 collection showed the Tough side that anyone who grew up in D-Town has, yet seen through a Fashionable and Subtly Sexy Prism. Reese coined this collection "Urban Warrior" Ok, Not the most original of Ideas, but Reese executed in a totally original way that would have been Inconceivably Foreign to the Tracy Reese of just a couple seasons ago. After the Breakthrough, Design-wise, of her Spectacular Spring 2015 show, Reese has Graduated to a New Sphere of design, more Urban, Luxurious, Upmarket.

Fall 2015 provided clear proof that this "New" Ms. Reese is here to stay, I am hoping she doesn't slip back into her Cutesy, Dainty ways of old, Because this New model of design shows her to be Quite the Bad Ass! Her Fall offering churned out so many pieces of Excellence that you can't possibly earmark all of them and retain any sense of Brevity. Suffice it to say, Reese Kicked Butt from the Opening Hybrid coat all the way through to the end! There were Odes to Missoni, Ossie Clark, Cardin and More! But never Literal or too Obvious.

Some of the more Special of the Special, A Red Knit Combo of a Zip jacket and dress that Zipped away at the waist was Super Casual, but Out of the Ordinary and Refreshingly Innovative. A Cumin Leather and Suede "Moto" Suit was TO DIE! With it's Zippers and Sleek fit, This was for a Woman on the go who doesn't have time for Fuckery! A Black and White ensemble of an open Cardigan in an Optic print, a Funnel Neck Salt-and-Pepper Sweater and Houndstooth pants had a bit of Missoni wildness to it, but kept Reese's Flavour. Not to mention the Mod-ish little T-shirt Shift in Black, Crimson and White was Screamingly Chic! What about the Opulent Gold Sequin encrusted Ballgown...?!?!  FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!  

Reese Wowed with this collection, It was Everything one hoped it could be, and So Very Much More! Reese needs to now just assert herself, Throw some Cash towards a few Top Tier Models, Send a few Invites out to the right editors and Stylists and show them the transformation she's gone through and she can began to take steps to rightfully claim her place amongst the Power Players of Fashion. As Glinda said, It was Inside Her All Along.... She Just Had to Believe! 

That's All.


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