Monday, August 10, 2015

Opening Ceremony.

Sun. 02/15/2015.

There wasn't a whole helluva lot to get Excited about in Humberto Leon and Carol Lim's Static and Immensely Underwhelming Fall 2015 Opening Ceremony collection, It felt like the duo put the collection on "Cruise Control" and just let it kinda happen instead of honestly designing anything. Lim and Leon cobbled together looks that had a Spontaneous, but Haphazard aura to them and did not inspire, except perhaps indifference! 

The main Drawback, A Dulling and Insipid, not to mention Incensing, Repetition! They showed a Long Shirt/Dress in like 5 Variants, Belted, Unbelted, Open, Closed, But still the same Goddamn Piece and it was Exasperating and showed that they didn't have any kind of Idea of what to design so they styled one piece multiple ways and called it a "Look" An All-White ensemble that was Look No. 12 was the best thing in the entire collection, as originality goes. The other repeats will look good in anybody's wardrobe, but the point could have been gotten across with only 2 versions of the look! 

Lim and Leon hit the wall with this one. It was Lackluster and Lacking in Excitement or an Original, Unique thought, which for these two is Shocking on a Scale Tantamount to Apocalyptic! Maybe Spring will see them in better Shape! One has to Hope, for this was not the best example of Lim and Leon's Talents by Any Stretch of the Imagination!

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