Thursday, August 27, 2015

House Of Holland.

Sat. 02/21/2015.

If one is looking for clothes that Announce themselves a good 20 minutes before you even enter the Building and that can be viewed from an orbit a few miles above the Planet, Henry Holland is the Man for YOU! Holland's Fall 2015 showing was pretty Par for the Course for him and didn't offer much in the way of newness, but did show an appealing vein of Restraint that was particularly encouraging! 

The Checked plaid that was patterned on the Beautiful Pink Coat that opened the show appeared often in different guises and colour schemes, Quite honestly, to be so bold it never really wore out it's welcome. The same though, could not be said for the Mixed Plaids which far crossed over the line of Garish, and the Stripes threatened to do the same. 

On the whole, Holland was having at it, as usual, mixing Ladylike with Street in an adept manner and creating his own kind of Crazy Quilt, Kooky Vibe. That it's a smidgen dated by now, is little matter, The clothes are Fun, Wearable and Will keep his Fans happy come Fall. 

That's All.


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