Monday, August 10, 2015

Prabal Gurung.

Sun. 02/15/2015.

Prabal Gurung.

Thankfully, We were not Trekking through the Himalayas again for Prabal Gurung's Spectacular Fall 2015 collection. The last couple seasons, Gurung found his influence for his collections from his Native Homeland of Nepal and the Himalayan Mountains... The results borne of this were Cataclysmically Outlandish. To say they were Dazzlingly Bewildering would be only the most Flaccid of Commentary!

Yet, here we are back in the Mountains... Maybe the Sierra Nevada's or the Colorado Rockies. This time though, the Esoteric and Overly imagined and designed work of Gurung's Nepalese Soujourn were Mercifully, cast aside in favor of Simpler, more Direct communication of Fabric and Cut. That in no way equated to mean that these were Simple clothes, Indubitably, they most certainly are not, but the Complexity is now in Tandem with the clothes rather than willfully fighting against the garments.

The Dichotomous relationship of Strong and Fragile, Weighty and Gossamer were apparent as a Motif that Gurung would be investigating from the Start, a Beautiful Pale Yellow slip dress surmounted by a Hearty Grey coat with Fluffy Fur collar. It was a start full of Tension and Excitement and proposed a deft counterpoint that would be expounded upon throughout the collection! From the Fragility of an Asymmetrically inset hem of Sheer Material or Lace that juxtaposed against a more Rigourously cut dress or how a quite Delicate and Fluid dress was paired under a Weighty coat,

It could be seen also in the Cutouts and beading adorning a Sleek Leather Shift or how the back and sleeve backs of a Strict Jumpsuit were surprisingly made of Sheer, Fragile Lace. The Finale Sequined gowns proved this point in the most Dramatic of senses, Thick and Heavy platings of Sequins gave immense Gravitas to the Dresses and Gowns, but they maintained a Liquidity that was still Sensual and not Clumsy!

Gurung put on one of the best shows in his Career and one of the best of the season. It was a Glorious and Achingly Beautiful take on the new Language of Dressing and made most other collections look Stoic and Antiquated! This was a Success of Mountainous Proportions, (Pun Intended) and Redeemed Gurung Righteously!

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